Thursday, 19 September 2013

Big Dig

The gardening schedule for Big Dig was changed today as the onions and garlic had not arrived in the post. Plenty of other things to be getting on with though for all the volunteers. Gordon and Liz A.J. removed all tomato plants as they've caught the blight. On advice from a new volunteer, Ann, we will try to ripen the green tomatoes by putting them in brown paper bags with an apple. We'll also try hanging them in sunny windows so let's see what works best.
Liz F. collected a large amount of Nasturtium seeds for picking. She's promised to bring some back for us. We're really enjoying sharing out what we make at home, it makes so much sense as it can be very time consuming to conserve. It also means we have a more varied diet.
Kat transplanted Welsh onions and Paul tended the fire so that we could have a lovely lunch together.
Darren used his wood work skills to make a new axe handle and I shifted house manure into the hot box and planted salads for winter use.
More Big Digging on Sunday.

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