Sunday, 23 June 2013

Food food food

More cooking and eating today. We harvested baby kale, onions, garlic and lots of herbs to make a pot to go in the clay oven. Together with freshly baked bread it was a treat.
The forest school was on in the woods as usual and the children observed that the little bird chicks they found in a hole in a tree were gone. Hopefully out flying now.
We had a visit from two young Swedish girls, Alva and Johanna, and they helped with more seed sowing.
Otherwise we watered as although we've had some rain it's still very dry. The asparagus pea that we were very excited about this year as it's a new crop to us has grown incredibly slowly (pictured). It's very pretty though.
And the cabbages! Amazing growth but what do we do with them all? Might try a pot with cabbage and mince meat next week. Have a lovely French family recipe.

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