Sunday, 12 May 2013

It's done; clay oven part 3

Defying all negativity with his good will, George came to help us with the last step of the cob oven. It was disheartening for us all to see the oven with a huge hole in it but George's 'let's fix it' attitude got us going. When Jon arrived he too just got on with it and in no time we were back on track. Lime rendering is a user friendly technique, and apart from mixing the different sands with the lime, it's a speedy process. When the plastering was finished we made a frame around it so the tarp could cover it without damaging the structure. It's now going to dry for 2 weeks before we can fire it up.
We want to have a proper cook up the first time of course and would love it if all work shop participants could come along. We might not have everyone's emails (some people registered via phone) so please check this space or contact us on to give us your email.

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