Thursday, 2 May 2013

Green manure and more seed sowing

After nipping the tips off for our lunch salad, Kat chopped up and dug in the field beans to add nitrogen to the soil today. Katie, Jo and an excited little Daisy sowed more seeds: early and late sprouting broccoli, papalo herb, tree cabbage, kale and Aztec broccoli. Liz shifted loads more wood chip to our paths and our other Liz planted out salads. Djuma tended to our brassicas and Darren added more manure to the mushroom pile. I got on with cutting some grass and planting out Shallots. Plenty of other small jobs were also done by everyone.
Lunch was lovely as usual: home made bread, hommus, salad from the garden, hallumi and couscous. We forgot to send people home with veggies though. Guys: remember to help yourselves!

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