Thursday, 9 May 2013

Freak of nature or evolutionary progress...

Not sure if it's brussel sprout or cabbage but none of them should have leaves like this. Let's see if it flowers so we can grow it again next year. Perhaps it'll be a new variety. Any suggestions for an appropriate name?
Little Daisy came around again and it was she who planted this strange looking brassica. Together with her mum she also sowed more seeds: Mizuna, Mustard, Grandpa Admire lettuce, Basil, Sweet corn, Lemon basil, Perilla herb and Celery herb.
Good food was had again of course. We also went home with some produce (apart from Djuma and Kezi who forgot their share): chives, mixed salads, thyme, onion, sage and rosemary.
The season is in full swing.

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