Thursday, 23 May 2013

Work day

Varied weather today, bits of sun, rain and wind. Geoff had been around to cut the long grass with his strimmer so Liz J.A raked it all up. Kat harvested some Kale as it's very nice when they're still small and tender. Other Liz (can't remember her surname) watered the salads, sprouting broccoli, Aztec broccoli and tomatoes that got planted out today. Darren did weeding around the fruit bushes and wild strawberries. All of the bushes have lots of fruit this year.
We're still keeping our Sun flowers under cover as we lost the first batch to snails but soon they'll be too big for the box.

Last week's Cobb oven watch

Good food, great people and no vandals; objectives met.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Redoing the asparagus bed

Only one asparagus survived from last year's plants so we've ordered some more. In waiting, the bed got a dig over and a proper layer of manure. Asparagus are heavy feeders!  We're also going to dig them in really deep this time using old fashioned trenches. Not having done this last year resulted in the roots getting exposed and they simply dried up.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

The team of builders...

Minus a few missing hands.
Thank you everyone for the amazing achievement!

It's done; clay oven part 3

Defying all negativity with his good will, George came to help us with the last step of the cob oven. It was disheartening for us all to see the oven with a huge hole in it but George's 'let's fix it' attitude got us going. When Jon arrived he too just got on with it and in no time we were back on track. Lime rendering is a user friendly technique, and apart from mixing the different sands with the lime, it's a speedy process. When the plastering was finished we made a frame around it so the tarp could cover it without damaging the structure. It's now going to dry for 2 weeks before we can fire it up.
We want to have a proper cook up the first time of course and would love it if all work shop participants could come along. We might not have everyone's emails (some people registered via phone) so please check this space or contact us on to give us your email.

Bevendean carbon capture device

Ready for take off. Vandalism delay aside, all is well.
Let's get cooking.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Freak of nature or evolutionary progress...

Not sure if it's brussel sprout or cabbage but none of them should have leaves like this. Let's see if it flowers so we can grow it again next year. Perhaps it'll be a new variety. Any suggestions for an appropriate name?
Little Daisy came around again and it was she who planted this strange looking brassica. Together with her mum she also sowed more seeds: Mizuna, Mustard, Grandpa Admire lettuce, Basil, Sweet corn, Lemon basil, Perilla herb and Celery herb.
Good food was had again of course. We also went home with some produce (apart from Djuma and Kezi who forgot their share): chives, mixed salads, thyme, onion, sage and rosemary.
The season is in full swing.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Green manure and more seed sowing

After nipping the tips off for our lunch salad, Kat chopped up and dug in the field beans to add nitrogen to the soil today. Katie, Jo and an excited little Daisy sowed more seeds: early and late sprouting broccoli, papalo herb, tree cabbage, kale and Aztec broccoli. Liz shifted loads more wood chip to our paths and our other Liz planted out salads. Djuma tended to our brassicas and Darren added more manure to the mushroom pile. I got on with cutting some grass and planting out Shallots. Plenty of other small jobs were also done by everyone.
Lunch was lovely as usual: home made bread, hommus, salad from the garden, hallumi and couscous. We forgot to send people home with veggies though. Guys: remember to help yourselves!