Sunday, 14 April 2013

Crazy nice...

Having waited for warmth for so long it was crazy nice today.
Nemo installed himself a hammock and relaxed for about 3 hours and although we did work there was a lot of chilling going on.
The forest school got started today and was well attended by a group of children that Jessie said 'were incredibly responsive and involved'. Arriving back at the garden they hung out by the pond for a while. It has a great variety of life forms now with the newest discovery being Newts.
James, Andrea and Cordelia weeded a patch in the wild life garden and sowed a mix of wild flowers (wild wall flowers, wild basil, crimson clover). They first removed the grass to expose the poor soil. Poor soil is good for wild flowers as this is what they're used to and it will also lessen the competition from grass and weeds. Then they trampled on the soil to help it settle before raking over, sowing, raking again and watering.
The mixed mustard salad is almost ready for the first harvest...a taste of it brought me right back to last summer.

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  1. Another gorgeous day at the community food garden!