Sunday, 28 April 2013

Clay oven workshop

It's been a very successful first session of the clay oven workshop. I'm sure Liz will put up more nice pictures but I couldn't wait to say a few words about it. Jon has been a great teacher explaining every step of the process. The group started by putting down fire proof bricks and then got on with the time consuming task of puddling (mixing clay and sand with bare feet)...not every one's cup of tea as it turned out. It was pretty cold to be fair! This was not a problem as there was also the job of making a huge sand castle. And if I overheard correctly the motto for this task was 'the beauty of the vessel is in the void'. In other words, the sand castle creates the inner space of the oven and later gets removed. After this we had lunch which Djuma, Liz and myself had prepared all morning. The classic garden bean stew of course. Went down a storm. After lunch the group added the first layer of clay and sand mix. It'll now dry until next Sunday. Can't wait...

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