Thursday, 14 March 2013

Forest management

The site was covered in ice and sun shine this morning.
Thanks to rangers Will and Chantel who did a great job today thinning out smaller trees in the woods. Jessie, our forest school teacher, was also pottering about in the woods picking litter. It's getting ready for the kids and there's now lots of materials for them to den build or create wooden crafts from. We still have spaces for the start in April if anyone wants to book.
The forest border close to our wild life area is cleared now waiting for a couple of Silver Birches to move in.
We also got most of the compost shifted and the hotbox is ready. It already has some mustards, salads and herbs growing in it. Now we just have to see how hot it becomes and how fast things will grow as it's all about heat and speed!
Thanks also to Djuma's friend Marc who donated pallets and cardboard in large amounts. We'll use the pallets for a raised floor and the cardboard for our raised beds. It's a no digg technique that's been very successful so far. We just put the frames up on top of the grass, cover with at least 2 layers of cardboard then compost on top.
Thanks to everyone for the yummy lunch of Liz'vegetable fritters, my homemade buns, soup from Djuma's wife and lentils from Darren. It was nice to all eat together.

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