Saturday, 29 December 2012

Winter Update

Christmas over, it's time to get together again to garden.
Still plenty of time until the spring rush, we have lots of things we want to get done. Over the next two months we will:
  • Build the last circular raised bed. We have calculated the wood and will order it soon. We'll need 60 planks of 1.10m each! For the stakes, it has been suggested that we use ash from the forest as we're starting the clearing soon. That means 120 stakes that need to be cut and sharpened at the ends. If you like using an axe you should come along.
  • Make a 'hotbed' for early vegetables. A hotbed is a raised bed with fresh manure at the bottom, straw and compost. The manure helps to heat up the bed producing a greenhouse effect when a glass is put on top. We are very excited about this as we could start growing in February if the bed is ready then.
  • Hire a local carpenter to build an information board to go outside the garden. If you know anyone who is interested, please get in touch.
  • Start managing the forest. As we are still waiting to hear from south Downs regarding a grant that would cover one of us studying to achieve a chainsaw license, we would concentrate on cutting smaller trees and bushes for now.
  • Plan the spring forest school sessions with Jessie. Watch this space if you want a place for your child. 
Hope to see you soon.
Apple Picking with Brighton Permaculture Trust in September.