Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Please come along to chat about the garden and to plant some seeds for you to look after until we have the garden (hopefully in the beginning of May).

@ Lecca Cafe

8 Leybourne Parade
Lower Bevendean

Brighton BN2 4LW

Saturday 2 April

Tea, coffee, and cakes on the house!

All Welcome,

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Planning Application

Dear all,

The planning application for change of land use was 'made valid' on the 2 March. This means that a decision should be taken before or on the 27 April. It has taken long to complete because of its rigour.

The lease with the council is ready to sign and we are meeting soon in order to do this.

The council has also taken down some trees on site to give us more light and to clear around an old hard standing of concrete where our shed will go. These trees were Sycamore trees of no particular ecological value. The Friends of Bevendean Downs were consulted and are happy with the trees coming down. Nearby residents were also informed but the decision was taken by the council as the trees had no conservation order. The local ranger Gary had already planned to take these trees down before our request as part of clearing the location. The process was made easier as a result. Lots of thanks to Gary! The wood from the trees can be used to make raised beds, seats or used to burn if we make a clay oven in the future.

We should all be positive now as the application has already been validated. This means that it has been carefully looked at by a planning officer prior to submission. Applications do not go through unless they are proper and follows all relevant legislation and planning laws. Lots of thanks to Mmedo for his expertise in planning; it wouldn't have been possible without you.

We would like to hold a meeting in Lecca cafe sometime in March so watch this space for info.

Also, would anyone like to help handing out some leaflets in Bevendean? We have 500 nice ones that promotes the garden. If so, please email

All the best,