Friday, 2 April 2010

We need your Support Now!

Bevendean Community Garden is proposing to bring the residents together to grow fruits and vegetables locally using organic methods. This is the chance for the local community to take another step towards more sustainable living. The produce of the Garden will be shared among the volunteers who take part to the project. One of the aims of the Garden is also to bring the Bevendean community, old and young, together.

Situated at the heart of Bevendean, between the surgery, the school and the community Church, the proposed site is easily accessible to all its residents and sits beautifully at the feet of the South Downs. The project will provide a wonderful opportunity for everyone to engage in healthy activities and to experience their natural environment in new rewarding ways.

Everyone is encouraged to join; no prior experience necessary. This is the perfect chance to learn about growing your own food.

If you want an alternative to supermarket food and are interested in a low carbon future, show your support for the Bevendean Community Garden. Some funding for the project has already been secured and the last hurdle is to secure this site.

We need you to make this happen. Please leave your comments and show your support by clicking here.

You are also invited to express your support at the next consultation meeting which will take place on Thursday the 22nd of April at 7.00pm
at the Church Hall on Norwich Drive.


  1. Hi there. I heard about your project and it sounds great. I really think the area needs some positive community spirit. It will be great for the children in the area to learn about growing vegetables, being self sufficient as well as interacting with their community.
    If only there were more people like you who wanted to improve their environment by sharing skills and knowledge and investing their time into their local community. I really hope I can be apart of the project.

    Claire x

  2. Marie Paule Huet3 April 2010 at 05:40

    What a great project!
    I wish you success.
    tell the neighbours it's better to have a garden than bush behind their own houses.

  3. wonderful project! I would want work with you in this community garden and learn with children how to grow vegetables.

  4. It's such a good idea! Too bad i can't join you: I live too fare! Your project will help me trusting in human being's great spirit! Good luck and keep in touch! Anne V.

  5. Nanou & Eric3 April 2010 at 06:47

    We have the same kind of project here. So great to grow your own food and be sure that what you eat will be good for you!
    Our thought will be with you on sunday!
    nanou & Eric

  6. This project is such an opportunity to live together with all generations and to experience little by little a new way of feeding, a modest and sustainable relation to the nature.
    I saw this project growing in the mind of the founders, and I was easily convinced to the importance it would be for the community, especially for children living in town, who will get the chance to assist adults and see by themselves how nature is surprising. It is also to day so important to realize that to respect the time necessary for a plant to grow could help to respect his own time and rythm. Long life to this community garden!

  7. This project is a wonderful way to have sense of community and connection with the environment, advocating locally grown food and promoting a learning and growing experience for all. I am so happy for you guys! miss you ;)
    Colleen in Canada!!

  8. every project who make different people spend time together is good,specially in connection whith the environment.Good luck all

  9. Mmedo, looks like a good thing all round to me, bringing people together in these times is always a good thing, having fresh fruit and veg out of it is even better, i wish there was somewhere closer to where i live doing something similar.

    Good job.


  10. This is such a great idea, I wish your plot was backing onto MY garden!
    Good luck guys :)

  11. I think the community garden is a really good idea, certainly better than a rubbish dump overgrown with brambles. The negative comments from neighbours sound hollow given that they did not seem to care for that piece of land before it was cleared and the rubbish removed.

    Good luck with the project!

  12. this sounds really cool.
    and as for the comments from the neighbours
    i would rather have a peaceful community garden
    then a prickly overgrown hill of brambles behind
    my back garden.i cant believe their complaining that you're clearing up their rubbish.

    its a great project keep up
    the good work

  13. Imagine! Instead of buying packeged fruit and veg from asda...we can get it right here in bevendean...fresh from the ground!!Fight for this project! ...I will be there to support you on the 28th....

  14. Hi there

    Just wanted to say what a great job you are all doing. This garden must be the best thing that could have happened in that area, as the plot was previosly used as a dumping ground with potential health damaging consequenses to the surrounding residences. They will now all get the benefits of a beautiful garden to rest their eyes on and also get the chance to have some fresh and tasty vegetables from their own community! This project is also very valuable from a educational point of view, I really admire your ambition to teach young people about gardening, nature and sustainable living.
    This is the kind of spirit that wins battles and creates friendships.
    Dig for Victory!


  15. Good luck with this project. It's fantastic to see a local community coming together to transform an abandoned area of wasteland into an asset for everyone.


  16. I really apreciate this kind of project,that remembers me when, a few years ago, i try to grow tomatoes in town, in the center of Bordeaux. My idea was to grow free vegetables instead of flowers or ornamental plants for everyone who needs it, everywhere in the city. Infortunately, the city "gardeners" pulled up this idea.
    Good luck

  17. hi there
    a thousand apologies to anyone who may have seen my FB status a few weeks ago.
    i was letting off steam in what i thought was a private way to my friends. really didn't mean to offend.
    kizzy x

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