Sunday, 21 March 2010

Well, it's cleared...

In excess of 20 people attended the clearance day at the garden and clear it they did! Bevendean residents were joined by a very efficient and well equipped group of volunteers from Mouchel.

Once the ecological survey got out of the way (thanks to a long winter, no birds where found nesting in the brambles) the strimmers got started, a pyre was lit and the long awaited project truly got under way. Everybody worked really hard and a great deal was accomplished today. The brambles have been eliminated (but for the small detail of digging out the roots) and an enormous amount of rubbish was piled to the side so as to facilitate its removal.

Everybody seemed genuinely excited about the prospects that the garden offers the area; none more so than Harry whose house is directly adjacent. Garry Meyer and Will, B&HCC Rangers, popped by and gave us some posts for future fencing as well as words of encouragement about our general demeanor. Councilor David Smart, made a guest appearance and also seemed pleased with our little Enterprise. Even Andrea, from the nearby Lecca Cafe, came to inspect the progress made.

Whilst everyone earned a real pat on the back for their hard work, special mention has to be given to those who took of their time and travelled some significant distances to see this project get off the ground. Catrin, Claire and Mia came down from London as did Tom whose bramble removal skills are only matched by his ecological expertise. A big thank to Steve, who talks loud but works hard (and organised the strimmers - I don't want to think about where we would be had we used secateurs), as well as Peter and Paul from Mouchel (the company also made a donation to the project).

Overall a great day, blessed by a glorious weather. Next step is to dig out the roots left on site and then the real fun will begin.
Don't forget to come and join us at the public consultation event on Sunday the 28th of March (see below for details).


  1. These are my points (from a very angry resident)!

    I am not happy that our privacy has been taken away, wildlife has gone, healthy trees will be taken down and we are now easy targets to get burgled. I don't feel I can sit in my garden once this is done with people being able to see me now the trees are going, we need trees! I have been researching and this website isnt 100% accurate from what I have found out from the council plans! The plans do not match what you are already doing. I have myself been up there and seen it for myself and I am not happy! If you wanted an open flat area there are loads near by without being attached to our gardens!

  2. The fauna and flora potential of the site is very important to us. The vegetation clearance was attended by a qualified Ecologist who ensured that no protected species got disturbed during the process and that the only vegetation removed was bramble. Four environmental consultants (including one with expertise on asbestos identification) also took part to the clearance work. A significant amount of asbestos cement pipes and roofing material was removed from the site, therefore reducing the risk of exposure for nearby residents. Whilst there is no serious risk associated with asbestos in this state, it is always better to see it disposed of in a responsible manner in a specially dedicated area rather than in an area open to the public.

    No trees were felled or pruned during the clearance of the site and it has never been our intention to remove vegetation that currently constitutes a screen between the site and the adjacent gardens. In fact the rubbish clearance will now enable better screening of these gardens, should this be required, by making it possible to plant in these area previously occupied by waste. We are very keen to increase the biodiversity content of this site and the principles of permaculture aim to mimic the relationships found in natural ecologies including that between flora and fauna.

    Again, we are very keen to present these principles to you during our consultation meeting on Sunday and would urge you to come forward with your concerns at the time.