Saturday, 20 March 2010

Ideas are in the air

Post edited on 01.04.2010
Please note that the picture originally inserted in the post below has now been removed as it was
deemed confusing. It appears that some have interpreted it as a final design. It also appears that this picture did not make it obvious that Bevendean Community Garden's main objective is to grow vegetables and fruits. Whilst it saddens us to have to remove such image, it seems to be the only option in the current stage of development the garden is going through.
Please contact us directly should you wish to be sent a copy of the original image.

Clearing commences tomorrow and our head gardener has kept herself busy.
Here is a view of what the garden could look like (after a bit of work).

image removed

Remember that you can come and experiment with the layout during our public consultation meeting Sunday the 28th.


  1. No consultation whatever appears to have taken place with the residents of the houses which back onto the site although work appears to have started.
    Assurances must be given,in writing,that the site will be adequately screened and fenced.
    A written guarantee must also be given
    that the site will only be used to grow
    fruit and vegetables and that there will be no music,parties or other gatherings allowed on site.

  2. These are my points (from a very angry resident)!

    I am not happy that our privacy has been taken away, wildlife has gone, healthy trees will be taken down and we are now easy targets to get burgled. I don't feel I can sit in my garden once this is done with people being able to see me now the trees are going, we need trees! I have been researching and this website isnt 100% accurate from what I have found out from the council plans! The plans do not match what you are already doing. I have myself been up there and seen it for myself and I am not happy! If you wanted an open flat area there are loads near by without being attached to our gardens!

  3. I understand there has been no consultation with the residents affected by this ill conceived scheme and no lease has been signed,so why has work already started?
    A not very auspicious start.

  4. Jeanette Thyrsson25 March 2010 at 10:36

    Dear Anonymous,
    We sent out letters to every household with a garden backing onto the project in early February. There were full contact details and an invite to talk to us should residents have any concerns. Perhaps some residents did not check this letter but we did get a response so some people definitely did receive their letters.
    The clearing was done with full consent from Brighton and Hove City Council. Please attend the meeting on Sunday so that we can explain further.
    Thank You for your comments

  5. With regards to trees and biodiversity on site, please view comment posted on this page